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People Need To Stop Telling Me My Daughter Is Gorgeous — And Doesn’t Look Like Me

by Beth Seidler Rehman My daughter’s looks were a hot topic of conversation from the moment of her birth.  Who did she look like?  The family debated this endlessly.  They never reached consensus.  My mother-in-law insisted that, as a newborn, my daughter looked just like my husband did.  On the other hand, my mother claimed that my daughter was…

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Women and Rivalry Part 2

Excerpt From “Tripping the Prom Queen:  The Truth About Women and Rivalry” Page 2 Eventually, Elinor confronted Cynthia in an angry conversation that left both of them hurt and upset.  By mutual agreement, Elinor stayed away from the wedding, and the twenty-year friendship ended.  When I thought of how much the two women had meant…

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