Repairing the Relationship

We can all use a little help… Repairing the mother-daughter relationship is possible. New understanding and strategies when dealing with a problematic relationship can lead to healing.

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How to Handle Hurt Feelings

By Laurie Newkirk

My Mother hurt my feelings so much a few weeks ago that I started yelling at her. I thought I was now past that but it seems she pushed a button of mine.

Okay… so my mother really hurt me and I acted badly, now what do I do?

Forgiving her and myself seemed like the right answer and I wanted to do that but it was going to have to wait until I figured out how to deal with the emotional pain that was pinballing around inside me! I really needed to stop the pain before I could even get to the forgiveness part (almost like having to stop the bleeding before you can focus on healing an injury.)

I decided to do research and came across a lot of good information on healing hurt feelings. Something that really resonated with me was to not let hurt feelings fester, quote: “Don’t stuff hurt feelings or, like leftovers in the back of the fridge, they will start to rot.”

I liked that a lot and it validated that I was on the right path but it didn’t quite answer the question of ‘how’ to handle the hurt.

Many sources emphasized to look at “why the person did it.” This sounded reasonable, so I took a deep breath and looked at the situation. From my mother’s perspective she did it out of caring. Realizing that did help, but it wasn’t enough to fully stop the hurt since this is an ongoing issue. No mattercontinue reading

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