Help! My mother is driving me crazy…

homepageLet’s get this straight from the very beginning… we love our mothers BUT they’re driving us crazy! That’s why we created this website. It’s a place to vent, look for support, find resources and strategies, get relief and maybe even laugh.

The mother-daughter relationship is unique and special but can present many challenges, which become even more daunting as we both age. The frustrations of the mother-daughter relationship seem almost universal, so, basically, we’re in this together. Hope you find as helpful as we do!

FREE SEMINAR – If your mother or daughter sometimes drives you crazy(!) – then you might want to attend the talk co-founder Laurie and her mother are giving THURS, NOV 7 at 7pm at the Wilton Library in Wilton, CT! It’s FREE and promises to be interesting and helpful!

Topics include handling criticism, advise giving, boundaries, humor, and finding forgiveness.

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Featured Video––Barb and Laurie on The Joy Sutton Show