About Us

We are Barb and Laurie, and we are daughters…that explains it all. We love our mothers but, as is common, they can drive us crazy! After one especially difficult day, we were looking for some help online but couldn’t find a website dedicated to healing the mother/adult daughter relationship. We were at a loss. And then…we had a light bulb moment! Why not create our own site? And so we did!

We can’t believe that was over 10 years ago! The website has become an international award-winning website and we appreciate the tremendous response we’ve received from women around the world who shared how the website has helped them with their relationship with their mom. They were especially grateful to know they were alone in their struggles!

We must admit we were shocked when mothers started contacting us about with their struggles with their daughters! That’s when we realized we are all in this together. Over the years, as Laurie and her mother, Dr. Marlou Newkirk, healed their relationship, Marlou ended up joining the team. She and Laurie have become an award-winning writing and speaking team on the topic.

In building this site, we have learned more than we could even have imagined about our relationships, and it has made all the difference for both of us (despite our varying circumstances). And now we hope that this site is helpful to you as well.

We’d love to hear from you, so please drop us a line and give us your feedback and suggestions.

Contact us or email us at info@motherrr.com.

Okay, we admit this photo is a few years old but we can’t bring ourselves to change it! 🙂 Barb (right) has degrees in Psychology and English and a Masters in Education and Laurie (left) is a professional writer and speaker. Both are award-winning writers.

Dr. Marlou Newkirk has a doctorate from Columbia University in Education and is also an award-winning writer.