When a Mother’s Pride Turns to Envy

By Judith Woods, Daily Mail, UK

A mum is supposed to want the very best for her daughter, but what happens if the daughter’s youth, vitality and success make her feel jealous? Judith Woods looks into the devastating effects of maternal envy.

When Andrea was growing up she was aware that her mother treated her very differently from her two brothers. Whereas they were showered with attention for every achievement no matter how minor, she was constantly put down.

“My mother was very critical of my appearance and seemed quite sour when I did well at school or when anyone complimented me. She would withhold praise as a way of punishing me,” says Andrea, 42.

“Looking back, I realize she regarded me as a cuckoo in the nest who was trying to push her out. After university, I remember calling home and telling my father that I had just got my first job. He was delighted, but it took my mother over a week to call me, and even then she didn’t congratulate me.


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