You Said What?

I used to be a teacher of 3rd grade girls at an all-girls school and sometimes parents would ask me to talk to their daughters about something they had already tried to tell them.  They would complain that their daughters just wouldn’t listen to them but maybe they would listen to me.  And, often, that was the case.  It seems that few kids actually want to listen to their parents who may harp on them again and again about the same thing.  But the second someone else…a teacher, a friend, just someone else…suggests the same exact thing THEN they listen.  Maybe it’s just human nature?

So now I’m finding that the same thing is starting to happen with my mother.  This just emphasizes the role reversal that I had already been noticing as my mom has grown older.  Now I find that when I suggest something to my mother, she seems to ignore me.  I mention it again and it’s as if I haven’t even spoken.  One more time and still there seems to be no recognition that I’ve actually said something of value.

And then…“Oh, I was talking to the Friedman’s the other day and you know what they told me?  They have a phone that “speaks” the caller ID.  That way I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to read the caller ID on my phone.  Isn’t that a great idea?”

“But, Mom, I’ve been telling you about that for months now.  Don’t you remember?  I said that you should get one like that.”

“YOU did??? Well, I don’t remember. But the Friedman’s, they said it’s a good idea to get one so I think I will.”

Ah, yes, I guess I now know just how my mom felt all those years! Homepage

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  1. AvatarNita

    Hi, I Have a question, How come I can’t log on the Vent& Share. I need to vent. I know I shouldn’t get mad at what my mother said. But sometime it get to me. Like to day I with her. I pull her up in the bed. And she say to me George does it better. So I say to her” yeah you told me. George can do it all. I can’t do anything, you don’t apprate anything I do”

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