Today is September 12, 2011

Today is September 12, 2011.  Just one day past the 10-year anniversary of that horrific day that is seared into our brains and our hearts.  Words just can’t explain the fear and horror of that day.  Everyone has a story, or two or three or ten.  I wasn’t in Manhattan that day, but I live nearby and all of us in the NYC suburbs were horribly affected too, even if we didn’t personally lose someone we loved.  My sister works (still) in the World Financial Center just next door, connected to the WTC.  My first thought when I heard the news was of my sister and where she was and if she was ok (she was).  I spent the morning on a three-way phone conversation with my sister in NY and my other sister in Michigan as we watched the horror…two of us on TV and one of us out her window live.

Can it really have been 10 years ago?  Can so much time really have passed?  It still seems like it just happened yesterday.  So, I watched and read all the stories again over this past week leading up to the day, and immersed myself in it all again yesterday.  I do it to remind myself of the fragility of life I suppose and to put things into perspective.  As traumatic as these events were, there was goodness and kindness as well…and strength of character, and resolve, and selflessness, and compassion.  This is what I choose to focus on.  And the healing; both of individuals and of our country.

So, what does all this have to do with the mother-daughter relationship you may ask?  So many daughters lost mothers that day…even adult daughters.  And mothers lost daughters.  What if the last thing that was said between them was hurtful?  What if they were in the middle of an all too familiar fight?  What might they give now to take it all back and say “I love you” one last time?  Not every relationship can be saved or healed, but remembering 9-11 can help put things into perspective.  I know it helps me. Homepage

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