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Book Discussion: “How to Manage Your Mother: Understanding the Most Difficult, Complicated, and Fascinating Relationship in Your Life” by Alyce Faye Cleese and Brian Bates

(Book available at the store) After reading books with such titles as: When I Married My Mother I Am My Mother’s Daughter: Making Peace With Mom – Before It’s Too Late You’re Wearing That? Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation …whose titles really intrigued and spoke to me, I was underwhelmed by this book’s…

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Book Discussion: “You’re Wearing That? Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation” by Deborah Tannen

Whether you are a mother or a daughter I would suggest reading this book! I guess that means just about anyone who is female then. The author, Deborah Tannen, explains the reasons why mothers and daughters have such trouble communicating and why so often we seem to get our wires crossed…like when your mom says…

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Yes, I watch Grey’s Anatomy…and even they explore the mother/daughter relationship

While watching Grey’s Anatomy this past week, they explored the mother/daughter relationship in one of their ancillary storylines. Certainly an exploration of this relationship comes up from time to time since title-character, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famed surgeon with whom she had a challenging relationship. But, in the most recent episode one…

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