Award for a Truly Awful Mother!

Mo’Nique wins Academy Award for her performance in the movie,Precious, in which she plays an abusive and monstrous mother.

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Quotes from Famous Daughters

Despite a difficult relationship with her mother over the years, Brooke Shields has found a way to cope. In a 2007 interview with Life Magazine, Brooke said,

“I left abruptly when I was 28. Growing independently of her (Teri) really changed my perspective. I have more empathy. I appreciate her more because she did shelter me from a lot, and she took the rap for it. But she’s an alcoholic, and that affects everything…We talk every day, but I have to draw a line. Or I get pulled back in.”

After more than three years of bitter on-and-off feuding, Tori Spelling and her mom, Candy, seem to have finally patched things up according to People Magazine. Tori told the magazine in December,

“It’s just the best holiday gift that we could get, to have your family together…It’s been a true miracle…we’re looking forward to working on things and being together.”