The Confidence to Let Go of the Past and Our Suffering

By Catherine Pratt,

Every single one of us on this planet suffers in some way.  Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, male or female, white, black or purple.  As my friend tells me, “it’s part of our contract in being born. We have to suffer.”  Some people seem to experience much greater personal tragedies than others but we all have painful issues we have to live through.  It is part of life on this planet.

Suffering can happen in thousands of different ways and whether it takes place in the form of abuse (physical or mental), people cheating on us, loved ones dying on us, parents not loving us enough, car accidents or even losing our jobs, it doesn’t really matter in that we’re all affected by it at some point or at many points during our lives.  Suffering is whatever causes us great emotional upheaval and we all have to go through it.

The difference is how we deal with our suffering and whether we’re able to move on to emotional healing.  We can deal with our pain or we can let it slowly destroy us.  An important part of gaining confidence is to “let go” of our suffering and have the courage to move on and be the whole person we know we can be.

There’s two main steps in achieving the confidence to move past suffering.

1.  Forgiveness
2.  Let It Go

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