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Letting go of a grudge you’re holding against someone can be difficult, but letting go of a grudge you’re holding against yourself can be even more so, Dr. Robin says.

Maybe you’re upset with yourself because of the way you’ve spent your money or because you chose not to have children. No matter the reason, Dr. Robin says you should let go of the grudge and forgive yourself.

“Self-forgiveness is one of the most essential building blocks to leading and building your best life,” she says. “If you want to infuse your life with power, the thing you need for the journey is self-forgiveness [and] self-acceptance.”

While you may still be upset with some of the choices you’ve made in the past, by allowing for self-forgiveness, Dr. Robin says you can heal and lead the rest of your life with confidence.

“You can decide that today is a new day and you’re not going to use any more of your energy, not one more moment of your life, living in regret,” she says. “You’re going to let this moment be what it is … a new moment for you to create a new life and a new moment to create a new destiny.”