You Can’t Choose Your Family

Contributed by Alexandra D., Connecticut

I just keep my mom at a distance….I am so busy I only see her 1-2x a month on average, and I like having my own life so when we get together we keep it short and sweet. I do talk to her but mostly about business, as she takes care of my kids when I work in another state. I don’t actually see her because I leave/arrive home before she comes/after she is gone. However, I am giving her the chance to know her grandchildren and vice versa.

You can’t choose your family…but you can choose your friends. As an adult, I make the choices on how to spend my time and who to spend it with. I love my mom, but we have different interests and that is ok – like I said, I just keep it short and sweet and that works for me. She is involved in volunteering and has a group of friends to get together with, so she can enjoy her own interests. This will all change when she can no longer drive, but I am living in the moment!!!

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