Messy Mother

Contributed by Sally B

So here’s what I get to deal with on a daily basis….

Cleaning supplies 008

My mother is going to win an award!!! “And the trophy goes to Mrs. B for Filthiest Apartment Ever!” The trophy is a model of Pigpen surrounded by dirt. Ok, I am just kidding about this part but the rest of this email is true… She is having a “heavy duty” cleaning service there today, and it was originally scheduled for 2 hours, but the woman from the office called me to, as delicately as she could, tell me that it is gonna take the whole day!!! And they sent in back-up, a second cleaning woman, plus they have maintenance men moving the fridge, stove, etc. Oh dear! I hope they are all wearing hazmat gear. The entire apartment is only about 450 sq ft, and the kitchen is only 4′ x 4′. Oh my gosh, this gave me a laugh!! It’s so disgusting but funny.

We have to laugh otherwise we’ll cry, right???

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