Mother Daughter and a Storm

A reader, “J” shared her dealings with her mom and Hurricane Sandy:

My mom says she is not leaving. She wants to stay home and says whatever happens is okay with her. Well, I told her they will come and take her out. Really hard to deal with. My brother says she has to go.

I drove to pick up my mom. We don’t have a comfortable chair for her to get in and out of (not like her lift recliner). She will sleep on the couch since we have no downstairs bedroom. She has been to the bathroom 500x already. I stopped helping her get up. We found another big pillow for her to sit on (so now she’s like the princess and the pea!). She is always hungry. I don’t have the lettuce she likes. The house is too cold. She has yummy cake at home. HELP!!! : O lol

It’s like having a 150 lb. baby. Picking her up and out of chairs and her bed. Getting up with her at night to bring her 2 ft. away to her potty chair instead of all the way to the bathroom. I’m not sure her home will withstand the storm. This could be a long haul!

Responses to J’s story:

RB – ohhhh boy

J – Oh she would much prefer to watch the storm water rise around her home. I told her trees will be scattered all around. Should be just as exciting : /

JD – Patience ….. Is all I have to say.

DT – Hang in there and take deep breathes or just have a drink.

DB – Good luck. It will be a long couple of days!

LE – You need to start drinking. Good luck!

BC – Should have brought the yummy cake!

KL – Run out and get some yummy cake – go now! Put something good on TV for her and present her with a very strong hot toddie!

GD – So sorry “J”. I’ll keep u in my prayers.

JF – Cherish her as long as you can!!

SD- Next time gotta go with a truck and bring her lift recliner. But seriously, she’s safe and you’re angel…

DM – i spent the last days of the Hurricane Irene with my Mom! They were our last days together !! Cuddle uo and stay near by her!! God Bless <3<3 BV - Count to ten...and yes, cherish these moments! You are making memories!! Then have a drink!! DP - I'll remind you of what my Mom says almost everytime I see her, You'll miss her when she is gone. Have some wine xoxoxo KB - Glad you brought her to your will be too tomorrow. xoxo PF - Now u know a little about what a nurse goes through! It's called having the patience of a saint!! J - That's why I'm not a nurse. But I am a saint 0: ) CL - OMG!!! That so reminds me of my situation when we have our octogenarian visitor!!! One comment during a meal- "What's this green stuff?" "It's lettuce- Romaine lettuce" "THAT'S not lettuce- I can't eat it" LOL! CT - Oh my!!! I live w/my mom.... lol ... this sounds typical, be patient and loving...!!!! :-):-) J - She drives my crazy lol. It's okay. She is very frail and I need to help her in and out of every chair... Hope my back holds out : / And then the power went out! ...

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