I Love My Mother, But She Drives Me Crazy

Contributed by Sherry Shameer Cohen

Your website is wonderful. The content is so substantial and it’s very nicely designed. I know I’m going to blog about it as well again. I just don’t know when. Perhaps after Thursday’s parenting workshop. It’s called How to Raise a Mentch. It’s a Chabad thing at my son’s preschool. The thing is that all the Chasidic families (and we’re nowhere near Orthodox) are so calm. Ken and I are high strung.

We moved in with my mother because our townhouse wasn’t child-friendly. I love my mother, but she, well you know, drives me crazy. I’d worry more if we lived apart. She doesn’t believe in going to doctors. When we were in the apartment, she fell off a chair and broke two toes and kvetched about the pain. Duh! Thank goodness we were living with her when she jabbed her good eye. (She’s been blind since birth in the other eye.) “Oh, I don’t need a doctor. I’ll be fine.” She NEEDED surgery that day to save her sight. It took about 8 months. Even a week after the surgery, when she saw floaters, she didn’t want to go to a doctor. Is there any wonder why between her and Alex’s terrible twos that I need Xanax intravenously?

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