Lesson of the Day: ‘America’s Mothers are in Crisis’

After being stuck at home during the pandemic with children yelling “Mom…MOM…Motherrr” all day, everyday, America’s mothers are frustrated. The New York Times set up a Scream Line where women can call in to yell, laugh, cry or vent, for a solid minute.

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By Jeremy Engle

The New York Times Primal Scream Line shows that America's Mothers are in Crisis

Featured Article: “America’s Mothers Are in Crisis” by Jessica Grose

In the introduction to a series on how America’s working mothers are navigating the coronavirus pandemic, Jessica Grose writes:

The pandemic has touched every group of Americans, and millions are suffering, hungry and grieving. But many mothers in particular get no space or time to recover.

The impact is not just about mothers’ fate as workers, though the economic fallout of these pandemic years might have lifelong consequences. The pandemic is also a mental health crisis for mothers that fervently needs to be addressed, or at the very least acknowledged.

To address this complex and pressing crisis, The New York Times created a multimedia report that lays out exactly what mothers are facing and what needs to be done to support them. The project’s interactive design is supported by playful illustrations, glaring statistics and a special kind of audio feature: Times editors set up a hotline for mothers to call in and scream it out.

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