Magnificent Maligned Flower

** As many of you know, my mother (Marlou) and I have traveled quite a journey in healing our relationship. We have come a long way from the first story of hers that we included on in 2018, “Henley and The Invisible Tribal Blanket.” It was quite the battle! But I’m delighted to say it won a CT Press Club Award!

Marlou has gone on to become an award-winning poet and her poem, “Mothers and Daughters…Hair” that we included on won a CT Press Club Award in 2023!

I’m proud to present this poem that fits the spirit of this website:

Magnificent Maligned Flower
By Marlou Newkirk

As a child my friends Susan, Bobby and I
would lie in the emerald grass, look for lady bugs,
four leaf clovers, admire beauty of dandelions,
golden flowers, little bursts of sunshine.

When florets turn to seeds,
blow them away all at once for
folklore says your true love will love you back.
As I was ten this was of no interest to me.

Never understand why considered weed.
100 years ago this beautiful plant
arbitrarily was considered a scourge.
Could not grow on lawn, wrath of neighbors.

Billions of dollars a year industry
created to deal with this compulsion,
poisoning earth and mankind.
Ecologist have made a
plea to forego mowing lawns.

Let grass grow naturally,
small blades waving in wind.
Dandelions stand for hope,
courage and strength
for children everywhere,
for all of us.

Bits of sunshine on this damaged earth.