Mother-Daughter Breakthroughs

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When Your Mother Drives You Crazy

When Anne Robinson, host of the BBC’s The Weakest Link, shared her book Memoirs of an Unfit Mother with the world, she revealed her deepest family secrets. Anne said that when her daughter, Emma, was 2 years old, she lost custody of her during a painful divorce and struggled with alcoholism.

“I remember the drinking. I remember her walking through a glass kitchen door. I remember visiting her in the hospital,” Emma says. “It seems cathartic for mum to look back. For me, it’s just painful.”

As part of Emma’s documentary Travels With My Unfit Mother, mother and daughter put their troubled relationship to the test during a two-week road trip.

“Certainly time spent with my mother was never dull. But for me this road trip will always be known as Driving Miss Crazy,” Emma says.

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