Love and Acceptance of the Worthy You

By Ruth Burton

As we get ready for the day — showering, getting dressed, etc. — we tend to criticize ourselves and our bodies harshly. While we may feel the negative effects of our thoughts in the moment, more often than not, we criticize ourselves without really paying attention to what we are doing.  And although it makes us feel bad, we continue to focus on things we dislike about ourselves.  Sometimes, in a feeble attempt to find relief from our own disapproval, we might prompt others to disagree or contradict us as we offer comments such as… “My legs are too skinny, I’m getting fat, I’m getting old, etc…Don’t you think?”  Unfortunately, even when they, our partners included, are completely honest about what they love about us, we often still doubt our own beauty and worth.

Given that what we continually repeat about ourselves becomes a habit which forms our beliefs, it is no wonder that we have difficulty loving and accepting ourselves.  It also doesn’t help that we are inundated by ads, the media and peer pressure to look a certain way.  But if we are to begin to love and accept the worthy and beautiful person that we are, we must make the decision to begin changing the way we talk about and judge ourselves.

Think about it, if you took a child and constantly berated them, it certainly wouldn’t take long before that child came to think of themselves as unworthy.  Unworthy of what, though?  While this often shows up in areas of our lives like feeling unworthy of a job, a promotion, or a relationship, at the heart of this unworthiness is the belief that we are unworthy of love. The truth is, you are NEVER unworthy of love, but continually repeating negative thoughts about yourself can lead you to believe that this is true about you.  Once you become aware of this belief, you can then begin to work on changing your negative self-defeating habits regardless of where they originated.

Now, you might argue that the comments you make about yourself are true, but tell your body long enough what is wrong with it and it will conform to your pattern of thinking. However, begin to affirm, focus, and act on what you like about your body and, with time, you will begin to feel better about yourself. Keep up this pattern until it becomes a new habit and your body will eventually respond to your new beliefs.

The idea is to begin with at least one thing you like about yourself and to focus on and praise that thing as often as you think about it.  For example, “I love my eyes, I have pretty hands, etc.”  Even if there is only one positive thing you can accept about yourself, begin at once to praise that thing.  Do it in such a way that each time you praise yourself, it is as though you were talking to a child you truly love.  The more you praise that child, the more that child responds and comes alive.  In the interim, be patient, loving and kind.  Then, take an action that reinforces the positive thing you are affirming.  For example, if you are working on accepting your eyes, you might wear sunglasses or make-up that adds to your feeling good about your eyes.

Once you have accepted one positive thing about yourself, hold onto your new thought and move onto the next one until little by little, you have formed a new habit of loving and accepting of yourself.  Remember, the more positively you talk to yourself, the more of a habit it becomes which leads to greater feelings, actions, and better results, including the feeling of being worthy of love.

This process works with the Law of Attraction in that what you focus upon with your thoughts and feelings you draw more of into your life.  To those things you have a difficult time with, understand that as you come to love (accept) yourself more and more, your body will either shift to match your new thoughts about yourself, or you will be guided to find a way of making any changes necessary to move you towards the more loving image you are affirming.

So, do you want to feel better about yourself?  Do you want to learn to love and accept yourself more?  Then get started today by turning those negative thoughts and habits about yourself into a love and acceptance of the worthy and beautiful person that, in truth, is you.

Ruth Burton is a Personal Relationship Coach and writer whose life experience inspired within her a passion for assisting others in creating authentic relationships by living their truth in all areas of their lives.  Ruth’s coaching is based on her many years of experience with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual teachings.  For more information, check out her blog or services by visiting

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