I Deeply and Completely Accept Myself

By Barbara Wilkov

While reading an entry on a great inspirational blog I recently discovered (ABeautifulRippleEffect.com) entitled “Am I Enough?” I got to thinking. This idea of who we are and if we’re “enough” is an interesting one and has come into play quite a bit in my life of late. I am in the midst of major personal changes and am always wondering who I really am and what path I am meant to travel in this life. This is heady stuff.

I have also been struggling with an increasing and now crippling fear of flying which is being put to the test next month since I am traveling with my family to attend my niece’s high school graduation in Michigan. Added to the many other stresses and concerns in my life at the moment, this trip has taken on paramount importance as the date continues to loom closer and my anxiety grows.

To try to combat this phobia I have been exploring the Emotional Freedom Technique. For those who aren’t familiar with it, EFT is an alternative therapy for dealing with phobias, anxieties, and other psychological issues by tapping on acupuncture points to affect the body’s energy field while also focusing on specific issues you want to change.

While at a friend’s house not too long ago, I was introduced to the technique by another guest and she walked me through it, having me visualize some calming images and repeatedly saying things like, “I love to fly,” “Flying is fun,” “I can fly anywhere,” etc. I have to say that I actually did feel a bit calmer and less anxious after we went through the exercise a few times. But my flight was still many months away at that point so I didn’t keep it up.

Now that my trip is getting closer, though, I figured I should get back to this technique as my anxiety has increased again. This time I found another variation of EFT online and this one suggested using a different affirmation: “Even though I have this fear of _____, I deeply and completely accept myself.” I loved this one!

As I performed the tapping of the acupuncture points and repeatedly said those words, “I deeply and completely accept myself,” a calm came over me. These words in and of themselves had such an affect on me. It seems like a no-brainer. Of course, I should deeply and completely accept myself. Shouldn’t we all? What a terrific reminder! I hope the tapping and affirmations eventually help to make my flight less stressful. But even if they don’t, just being reminded to accept myself with all my fears, idiosyncrasies, challenges, etc., made this exercise well worthwhile!

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