Saying Goodbye to the Comic Strip, “Cathy”

Cathy Gone? Aack!
By Barbara Wilkov

I’m going to miss “Cathy.”  I think I’ve loved her (the cartoon everywoman) for all of her 34 years.  When I heard that her creator, the real Cathy (Guisewite) was going to be ending this comic strip, I was sad.  But now that Cathy is really gone, I feel like an era has come to an end and I have lost a really good friend.

I think what made Cathy so unique is that she spoke to so many of us.  We went through so many things with her…struggling with the single life and trying to find a boyfriend; dealing with him once she got him (her beloved Irving); finding a bathing suit (the all too well known bathing suit shopping that I think every woman dreads); and dealing with her mother!   Oh, how I loved watching Cathy and her mother interact.   It always made me feel like I wasn’talone in my struggles with my mom.   And I saw how it was possible for Cathy and her mother to still love each other even as they drove each other (and Cathy’s dad) crazy!   And, maybe most importantly, I saw how important it is to keep your sense of humor about the whole thing.

I’ll miss Cathy, but I know that I gained a lot from her; most importantly the knowledge that things will be ok, and, even if they’re not, that the people in our lives and our own strength will get us through.  She’s been a wonderful testament to women, our relationships and finding the “funny” in all the foibles of everyday life.  Cathy, you may be gone, but you won’t be forgotten.  At least by me.

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