When the Wedding Brings Out the Worst in Mom


Q: Anyone else have a difficult mom — or have the wedding bring out the worst in Mom? My mom and I are in several battles over dangling vs. post earrings for the bridesmaids (I’m not kidding); seating arrangements for the bridal party; my shoes; and the type of music to be played at the reception. Ack! Like I really need any extra stress! I’ve tried the “It’s MY DAY” thing, but my mother is paying for the entire thing, so that doesn’t really fly. She insists that she’s only being picky to make sure everyone has a wonderful time — and I know she means well — but she’s driving me nuts. My fiance and I are starting to feel as if we have no say in anything. I’ve tried talking to her, pleading, reasoning with her — sigh. I guess I just want to know if anyone else is going through the same thing.

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