Why Is My Mother So Difficult? 3 Insights to Help.

Mother Daughter Conflict: Why Is My Mother So Difficult? 3 Insights To Help
By Joyce Lee

Mom putting bandaid on knewwThe daughter and other relationship is foundational to how well balanced you grow up to be.

Your Mom is supposed to love you unconditionally, and support you no matter what. She should be your biggest cheerleader and always, always be there for you when you get a boo-boo. That is her job.

Everyone wants to get along with her Mom. You are biologically programmed to look to her for nurturing. When she isn’t capable of providing that nurturing, it upsets a primal balance.

I am not about to tell you how to fix your relationship, I would however, like to offer some insights that may give you some peace and soften your heart.

1.You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have
Your Mom learned how to nurture from the line of women before her. If those relationships weren’t solid and warm and nurturing, your Mom wouldn’t have gotten her needs met, she wouldn’t have learned what an intimate, loving Mother/Child bond feels like.

For clues of this, look back to the level of intimacy on your Mom’s side of the family. How does she relate to her Mom? How does she talk about her Grandmother?

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