How to Forgive Your Parents

Oprah Radio

Have your parents betrayed you or hurt you so badly that you aren’t sure you can ever forgive them? While some people have very good reasons to harbor a grudge against their parents, Rabbi Shmuley talks about why it’s important to truly consider forgiving them.

Each of us has an innate desire to be close to our parents, Rabbi Shmuley says. “We all seek to attach ourselves to our source,” he says. “Because of this, harboring anger against our parents is particularly damaging and can cause you to become cynical, lose trust and also show your kids the bad example that being close to your parents is not essential.”

Rabbi Shmuley shares reasons why you should find it in your heart to forgive your parents:

  • You want to love them and be close to them.
  • They apologized.
  • You don’t want to be angry any more.
  • You are a forgiving person or you believe that it’s the moral thing to do.