Putting a 7-year-old on a diet: Responsible or Reprehensible?

Today‘s Professionals, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Star Jones and Donny Deutsch, discuss the Vogue
article written by Dara-Lynn Weiss about putting her young daughter on a strict diet.
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Putting a 7-year-old on a Diet:  Responsible or Reprehensible?
By Rita Rubin, Today

Dara-Lynn Weiss admits it:  She’s had issues with food her whole life.  You name the diet, she’s tried it.  So perhaps it’s not surprising that Weiss sprang into action when the pediatrician told her “we needed to do something” about her 6-year-old daughter’s weight.

Weiss describes her daughter Bea’s rocky road to svelteness in the April issue of Vogue magazine.  The article, in which Weiss acknowledges deriding Bea for eating an “inappropriate” snack at a friend’s house and withholding dinner after she  had consumed hundreds of calories worth of Brie and filet mignon at her school’s “French Heritage Day,” has stirred up a heaping portion of controversy…

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Mom’s Diet for 7-year-old Daughter in Vogue Sparks Backlash
by Katie Kindelan, ABC News

An article in this month’s Vogue magazine documenting the effort to get a 7-year-old girl to lose weight has sparked an online backlash and raised a debate about how much is too much when it comes to fighting the childhood obesity epidemic.

The debate centers on the article’s author, Dara-Lynn Weiss,  the mother of the child at the article’s center, 7-year-old Bea, and the year-long Weight Watchers-type diet Weiss put Bea on to lose weight…

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