My Nose – A short documentary by Gayle Kirschenbaum

Synopsis: A humorous look at the complex dynamics of a mother/daughter relationship, “My Nose” is the film-maker’s personal story of an unhappy trio – herself, her mother and her nose. Mom thinks the nose is suspect and needs some plastic surgery. Daughter wonders what changing it will do. Will she change, and more importantly, how will changing the organ affect her feelings toward the mother who gave her the apparatus in the first place?

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  1. mthradminmthradmin Post author

    Note from Barb: Laurie found this video several weeks ago and I kept meaning to watch it. I finally got around to it and I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it, but, boy, do I feel badly for Gayle, the filmmaker, for having a mother who was so critical of her and her looks. I’m actually a product of a nose job myself (it started out with correcting a deviated septum when I was in college but then it seemed a shame not to fix a few things about my nose while we were doing the surgery anyway), but, happily, it was my decision and my mom, who can certainly be critical in other areas of my life, never pressured me or made me feel badly about how I looked. It was totally my choice. And I can say that, while having a “better” or “prettier” nose certainly made me feel a bit less self-conscious at times, it certainly didn’t change my life dramatically. I think Gayle is beautiful just the way she is and I agree with the one person in the film who told her to tell her mother to “go pound sand!” And I love her dad…the end made me cry…

  2. mthradminmthradmin Post author

    Great video. I am working with ninth graders on the topic of body image. I know that some of them are enduring the same comments from their mothers about some aspect of their appearance. I hope you didn’t get your nose altered. You are an interesting and engaging person, don’t change your nose!!!! Susie Manion, Guidance Counselor

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